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Infidelity-Cheating Spouse Seguridad Belgrade

Infidelity / Cheating spouse

Infidelity / Cheating spouse is one of the most requested Civil investigations services provided by the Private Detective Agency Seguridad Belgrade.

In about 25% of cases it is about checking the partner's fidelity, suspicion of adultery.

We determine the facts in cases of partner's infidelity.

Do you have reasonable doubts on your partner loyalty?

We can help you reach the full truth. Seguridad Belgrade detectives can discretely find out all the necessary facts regarding the partner's loyalty.

Surveillance Investigations Seguridad Belgrade

Discreet surveillance Seguridad

The experience and technology we use has allowed us to deliver excellent results in this segment of detective services. Monitoring is applied to all entities in accordance with the agency's assessment, with the consent of the client. It is applied to spouses, children, persons in hiding, persons who caused you harm, etc.

Surveillance is the only way to 100% assure the credibility of certain doubts you have. Moreover, we can obtain evidence of person's movement, place of residence, lifestyle, etc.

Seguridad Detective Agency can help you by collecting information through discreet person monitoring. We are at your disposal 24/7.

Missing Persons People locate Seguridad Belgrade

Missing persons - People locate

The search for missing persons and persons in hiding is one of the most complex and most wanted services offered by the Detective Agency Seguridad Belgrade.

If you want to find family members, relatives, friends, debtors, people who are hiding from you, who have cheated on you, who are threatening or blackmailing you or one of your family, then we can certainly help you.

Detective Agency Seguridad Belgrade has excellent results in the search for missing persons and persons who are hiding from you, whether they caused you harm or owe you money. We are at your service with the guaranteed discretion of you as a client as well as the persons we are looking for.

Property search in Serbia Seguridad

Property search in Serbia

Detective Agency Seguridad ltd. Belgrade performs assets search for it’s clients in a very reliable and precise manner. If you are having problems with collecting debts, and the debtors claim that they have no money, you may be surprised, after our asset check is performed and assets existence is established, that the debtors were attempting to cover up their assets.

Do you need to know the reality of a person’s state of asset ownership in Serbia? You need an independent research agent that can find the truth. Our detective agency is here to help you. Collection and verification are integral elements of all activities and services provided by the Seguridad Detective Agency. Be assured that you will be a step ahead of others in what interests you.

Investigate your potential spouse Seguridad

Investigate your potential spouse

Investigating your future spouse would be appropriate in case you have suspicions concerning the potential spouse.

If you are contemplating marriage with the one you love and you want to be confidant in your choice of the life partner, the Private Detective Agency Seguridad Belgrade will help you investigate the potential spouse’s history to assure you that you have chosen the correct person. Peace of mind is what our pre-matrimonial checks guarantee.

If you desire to eliminate or confirm any suspicions concerning your potential spouse, please contact us with full confidence.

Divorce-Separation Seguridad Belgrade

Divorce / Separation support

Going through a divorce can be very stressful experience for any couple, and difficulties are compounded when children or other dependent family members are involved.

Why hire a Private Investigator to help your Divorce Case?

Many spouses look to private investigators to locate hidden or missing assets, to identify dangerous or risky behavior that would impact a judge’s custody decision, or to evaluate whether a spouse is honest about the need for or inability to pay alimony. Experienced Seguridad investigators are used to tackling the dangers related to exploring such cases. Investigations are conducted in such a way as to adhere to proper procedures and laws.

Data collection and information verification Seguridad

Data collection and information verification

Data collection and information verification are one of the main methods of investigation. Therefore, are integral elements of all activities and services provided by the Seguridad Detective Agency.

Be assured that you will be a step ahead of others in what interests you.

We will collect data and verify information about:

· A persons permanent and temporary residences,

· Vehicle owners and / or vessels,

· Records from state archives,

· Real-estate owners,

· Pensions and disability insurance,

· Court records in cases when the client of this service is entitled to those records.

Polygraph testing Lie detector Seguridad Belgrade

Polygraph testing - Lie detector

Polygraph testing is one of the most wanted civil investigations services. Detective Agency Seguridad Belgrade helps you learn the truth and returns to you the comfortable feeling of assurance that we all yearn for.

Lies, fraud and false accusations are problems we unfortunately face on a daily basis.

There is increasing use of polygraph testing for family problems, whether it be pre-marital investigations, suspicions of marital fidelity, theft in the family, or if there are suspicions of juvenile delinquency, such as involvement in criminal acts, drug abuse, alcohol abuse and the like. The polygraph testing service in our company is entrusted to an expert polygraph examiner, one of the best in Serbia and Europe. Read more: Polygraph Belgrade

Skip Tracing Seguridad Belgrade

Skip tracing Seguridad

Seguridad Belgrade has extensive experience in locating individuals and skip-tracing. Locate Investigations are one of the most common services we provide for various sorts of clients.

Finding a person in Serbia who is purposely hiding or missing can be a difficult task to do on your own.

If you are trying to track down a person who may be difficult to find, it is often useful to hire an investigator to assist in the process.

Private Investigators Seguridad Belgrade have the necessary resources and experience to locate missing people. If a person is no longer at an address we can trace them.

Defendant Locates Seguridad Belgrade

Defendant locates Seguridad

Often people will attempt to serve papers at a defendant’s last known address and occasionally they will attempt to serve legal papers at the defendant’s last know place of work. However, usually this is not enough to get the job done. If a defendant decides to avoid being served papers, they can often succeed unless an experienced process server is on their trail. That’s where a private investigator with this type of experience comes into play.

If you are looking for someone specific, but the information you have on the individual is not current, Seguridad Belgrade detectives can still locate an individual. We can predict what the defendant will try and implement counter measures to deliver the legal papers to them.

Fraud investigations Seguridad Belgrade

Fraud investigations Seguridad Belgrade

Fraud is on the rise today and often results in financial loss or even death. By definition, fraud involves intent to deceive and misrepresentation.

We are highly skilled in obtaining documented evidence of fraud.

If you have been the victim of fraud and you’ve done all you can to obtain the right outcome, but have so far failed, it’s time to hand the matter over to professionals.

Seguridad Detective Agency team is fully trained to take concrete action in sensitive situations in an adequate manner. Our service is reliable, confidential and discreet. We provide proof of guilt / innocence in personal theft or fraud cases.

Civil Criminal and Financial Background check Seguridad Belgrade

Civil, criminal and financial Background check

Civil criminal check is one of our most popular services as not only confirms whether the individual has any past appearances but also any pending appearances too.

Background checks put to light a person’s integrity level, credibility, character, financial status, criminal history and trustworthiness. Do you have a problem collecting your receivables and the person who owes you money claims they have no funds? We are here to determine if a person is telling the truth.

If you want to determine the facts about the finances of the person you are interested in, the Seguridad Belgrade Detective Agency can help you determine the right financial situation.

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